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Welcome to our humble home on the web. We are here to get your business noticed!


What is a 'Shad' you may ask...

We will not hold it against you if you do not know! As you can see from our logo, it is a fish and a very tasty one at that, and it is one of our favourites to catch. It prefers salty water and is part of the herring family. Shad babies have teeth! Unfortunately for them, they lose them as adults.

So, who are these 'Shad' People then?

Our focus is on getting the small to medium business owner noticed, to create a noticeable presence for our clients, whether this is online from a static brochure website to a custom built fully integrated web application, or onwards to real world applications like pamphlets, brochures, booklets, posters, and other items you could possibly throw at us.


We advise you on the best software setup for your business needs


We recommend the best hardware setup for your business needs


Knowledge and tools applied to make your business headaches disappear


Coding and graphic design expertise combined; we create!

This is us! Good to Meet You!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about us and get to know us a little better. Be assured that it is not just meaningless babble to lure in potential clients! 

We take pride in our professional image and want to convey a true impression of our conduct, not only in business matters but in our personal lives.

Proud Beginnings

Driving on eerie, empty streets in the first lockdown of 2020, there was a thick post-apocalyptic mist hanging in the air, and you could almost imagine soft ghostly music with fluttering newspapers dancing on a cold, grey street. It felt like you had to be in a steampunk outfit, maybe with a big Marvel style gun almost too big to hold in both your hands. 

We all thought it would be over in a matter of weeks, or maybe a few short months. Never did we think, a year and a half later, people would still rather be close to home than venturing outside, choosing to work from home. And now, legislation even to change so that working from home becomes the norm rather than the exception. Several companies are testing out the viability of a four-day work week. It seems that we are not going back to what we were used to. 

These changes will not be bad ones, and definitely would be better for our environment but what does that mean for especially the small business that has always relied on drive-by customers to see your shop, your advertisements, your products? To have a reason to stop and buy something because they drove past on their way to or from work? What would be the motivating factor for them to visit your shop now that they do not need to pass it every day? 

It was with these sobering thoughts that Shad was born. We know that to survive, you need to change, adapt, grow with the future rather than closing your doors defeated. We also know that change is hard, and not always a friendly undertaking if you are used to doing things a certain way, your way. 

We want to help you, take that change out of your hands, so that you can focus on what you do best, while we focus on putting the word out there. It is our mission to keep our small businesses intact and blooming, preserving it for generations to come!

What We are Made of

The humble Shad Fish fits in perfectly with our service offerings and business ethics. It is our MISSION, our oath to provide superior services and products to make our clients more successful and competitive in their business. It is our VISION, our desire, to always stay dedicated in providing exceptional services with practical solutions.

These strong pillars keep our Value Structure standing upright:


Straightforward strategies to supply our clients with cost effective solutions


Integrity is important to us and endeavour to be a trustworthy business partner


Our clients’ needs come first and will always be our key focus


We will always strive to find solutions even if it seems impossible!

The Shad Advantage

We are also a small company where each client matters to us. Our clients will never be just another number in an unending pool of other numbers where they need to chat to robots and receive automated responses. We take pride in offering our clients a personalised service; we want to know all of them by name and hear what's the latest craic! We want to build a lasting relationship with our clients.

We know the costs of running a small business and work hard to keep our margins low. Put your trust in us, give us a try; we assure you that our heads will be in your game!



Online throughout Ireland

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  • Web Hosting
  • Complete Web Solution Packages
  • Graphic Design

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